Brittany's Weight Loss Journey with Semaglutide & Metavo

Brittany's Weight Loss Journey with Semaglutide & Metavo

Brittany, has nearly a thousand Instagram posts detailing her journey of losing over 100 pounds. She has used a combination of semaglutide (branded as Wegovy, in the United States), exercise, and daily supplementation with Metavo to achieve this amazing result!

She was kind enough to talk to us here at Metavo about her journey.

How it all started

Before you started your weight loss journey, what was your life like: job, stress levels, general lifestyle? And what motivated you to get started?

I was stuck in the day to day stress of work, parenthood, and extracurriculars.  I spent long days in the office and would run straight home to my daughter, since my husband would work long hours at his job.  I spent all my time focusing on work and my daughter and neglected to spend any time on myself.

In the Fall of 2022, I set up a trip for my daughter and I to go to Disney World. I knew that I needed to make changes in order for us to be able to enjoy ourselves and for me to be able to undertake such a physically demanding trip.

Had you tried other weight loss methods before?

I’ve tried everything! In my teens, I would take Metabolife 365.  I’ve seen and worked with a nutritionist, I’ve tried the Keto diet, I attempted Atkins for awhile, and I’ve gone on low calorie diets more times than I can count.

How did you end up using semaglutide and Metavo together?

I spoke with my doctor in January of 2023 after seeing posts on social media from people who were taking GLP-1s [the class of drug that includes semaglutide].

I’m very conservative when it comes to adding any supplements into my diet and, at first, I was hesitant to take Metavo.  However, after looking into the ingredients, I felt fully comfortable.

What other changes did you make to your diet and lifestyle? 

I started this journey shortly after having abdominal surgery and I was worried about gaining weight due to my lack of gym time.  Fortunately, I didn’t gain any weight during my downtime.  I made sure to use Metavo while gradually increasing my activity, including daily walks.

How did you measure your progress (e.g. calorie tracker apps, continuous glucose monitor or other fitness devices/wearables), and what kept you motivated during this period? 

I measured progress by checking my blood sugar in the morning.  I went from mornings of high 70s to mornings of low 70s. I was thrilled to see my fasting glucose drop because that’s always been something I struggled with. At my worst, I was hitting 125 every morning.


Making progress with weight loss

Can you share a pivotal moment or milestone in your journey where you felt a significant change?

I really felt a shift after 2 weeks. I could tell that my energy was increasing, and my cravings were subsiding.

How did our supplement, in combination with semaglutide, impact your weight loss compared to previous methods you've tried?

Prior to starting Metavo, I had been stuck in a stall and I finally saw the scale start to move around 2 weeks in.  I was able to lose 2 pounds which, if you’ve been in a stall on your weight loss journey, you’ll know is a huge achievement!

Were there any unexpected benefits or side effects you experienced while using the supplement?

The increased energy, especially after my morning meal replacement shake was my favorite benefit!

How has achieving your weight loss goal impacted your life, health, and well-being? 

My life is completely different now, I finally feel free.  I’m no longer trapped inside my body, and I feel like I can go out and live again.


Her advice for others

What advice would you give to others who are starting their weight loss journey with semaglutide and our supplement? 

I highly recommend the product, especially the meal replacement shakes, which are my personal favorite.  They did a wonderful job of curbing my sweet cravings while also keeping me full for several hours.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

I would have been more creative with my meal replacement shakes, there are so many options to complement them.  I would have tried different dessert options and used them more as snacks throughout the day, especially on busy days.

What are the most rewarding outcomes and reactions you’d highlight for others who want to get started losing weight?

I think the most rewarding part of my journey has been how my body feels, it feels so much more capable of everything I ask of it.  It’s completely changed my life, and I regularly receive compliments on the physical transformation and, even more so, the mental one.





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