AvoB: A bioactive ingredient with science-backed benefits

Metavo conducted a consumer survey aimed to assess the impacts of daily consumption of Metavo Metabolism Booster Capsules beyond 8 week period.The survey involved 34 consumers from 18+. Data were collected from participants through a survey. It measured changes or improvements on cravings, energy levels, and overall well-being.

Transformative Results on Metabolic Health

In a survey where individuals consumed Metavo Metabolism Booster Capsules for at least 4 weeks. Consumers reported:



Experienced Improved Metabolic Health Signs*

 survey participants reported improvement in digestion, less bloated feeling, improved mood or mental clarity, better sleep quality, warm body temperature,and increased muscle mass.


Reduction in Carb & Sweet Cravings

30/34 survey participants reported reduction in snacks or sweet cravings within 60 days.



Reported Improved Energy Levels

32/34 of survey participants reported experiencing fewer energy dips throughout the day within the first 60 days.


Reported Weight Loss

16/33 of survey participants reported losing at least weight within the first 60 days



Through our studies, we found that AvoB can improve glucose metabolism by restoring insulin sensitivity. AvoB works by inhibiting fatty acid oxidation (FAO), preventing FAO overactivity and mitochondrial overload. In turn, metabolic flexibility and insulin sensitivity are restored. This allows for glucose uptake and oxidation to normalize, preventing the accumulation of glucose in the blood.

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