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Unlock the Power Within

Activate Your
Metabolism with Metavo!


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74% of North Americans Have Metabolic Health Issues. Metavo Can Help You...

Boost Metabolism

Naturally support your metabolism for increased energy and vitality.

Revitalize & Recharge

Break free from fatigue and elevate your energy levels naturally.

Curb Cravings

The satiety secret for feeling
fuller, longer.

Kiss your slow metabolism goodbye

  • Boost metabolism
  • Manage blood sugar
  • Get naturally energized
  • Curb sugar cravings


Gluten Free


No Added Sugar

Sulfite Free

No Artificial Flavours or Preservatives

What is Metabolic Health?

Metavo metabolism boosters offer a range of benefits, including appetite control, increased energy, and balanced blood sugar levels, providing a holistic approach to support your overall well-being.

What are the Benefits of a Metabolism Booster?

Metabolic health refers to the overall state of your body's metabolic functions and how well it maintains balance in various metabolic processes. It involves factors like energy utilization, blood sugar regulation, and lipid metabolism, which impact how efficiently your body functions.

What Others Are Saying

Plant-Based Ingredients

Our secret ingredient is avocado, the ultimate superfood

What is AvoB™?

AvoB™ is beneficial for individuals who are looking to manage healthy blood sugar levels, sugar cravings, metabolize carbohydrates, and support healthy weight goals.

What is Chromium?

Chromium is the perfect sidekick to AvoB™. It is an essential mineral that improves insulin action in the body and activates a protein known as chromodulin. Chromodulin increases insulin signalling, which allows for more efficient glucose uptake.

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We stay on top of metabolic health
so that you can stay on top of your health and wellness

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